New Developments in Glyphosate Cases

There have been a few new developments in cases involving the popular herbicide glyphosate. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with environmental groups that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) didn’t adequately consider whether or not the herbicide causes cancer or threatens endangered species.

The litigation against glyphosate began after EPA reauthorized the label and use of the herbicide in January 2020. The 3-0 ruling from the panel of judges sends EPA back to further study whether glyphosate does not present a reasonable risk to man or environment.

Bayer, manufacturer of the Roundup formulation, opposed groups challenging the EPA reauthorization. The Ninth Circuit ruling does not impact people’s ability to apply glyphosate.

Meanwhile, an Oregon court ruled in favor of Bayer in a Roundup lawsuit. A lawsuit had been brought against the company alleging that the herbicide causes cancer. The jury in the court case found that Roundup didn’t cause a man’s cancer.

This ruling was the fourth in a row that Bayer has won in similar lawsuits.

“The jury’s conclusions are consistent with the assessments of expert regulators worldwide as well as the overwhelming evidence from four decades of scientific studies concluding that Roundup can be used safely and is not carcinogenic,” Bayer said in a statement.